Hello there. EdenLink Community Network Now on DN42.

If you come here by accident and dont know what is DN42 , you can go https://dn42.dev/Home .

If you have already Peered with me , i suggest you to join this channel to get information : @EdenLink_at42


  • BGP Extended Next Hop / ROA / Multiprotocol

  • Latency < 100ms / In the same area

My 1xRTT Information

There are three nodes runing on this network.

Please notice that i will use AIRPORT IATA CODE to explain the server’s place.

Node 1 : Tencent Cloud PEK

Item Value
EndPoint cn-pek.dn42.edenlink.cyou
Port <Last 5 digits of your ASN>
Link-Local fe80::403
DN42 IPv4
DN42 IPv6 fddd:5002:6646::1
Tunnel WireGuard
WG Public Key fHIgDZjLEiDbGAOYRMFcV4Vem52EEfJkYCP0C0sh2FY=

Node 2 : RackNerd LAX

Item Value
EndPoint us-lax.dn42.edenlink.cyou
Port <Last 5 digits of your ASN>
Link-Local fe80::1403
DN42 IPv4
DN42 IPv6 fddd:5002:6646::2
Tunnel WireGuard
WG Public Key QXzmyQAa+oWA89b8Jcaolgy44j7c4TjImZqSSvZFD3g=

Node 3 : JustHost KZN

Item Value
EndPoint ru-kzn.dn42.edenlink.cyou
Port <Last 5 gidits of your ASN>
Link-Local fe80::2403
DN42 IPv4
DN42 IPv6 fddd:5002:6646::3
Tunnel WireGuard
WG Public Key d2EruVz3Np0TTOOtklJNIc6C1D/RIlaVeBWpkV4W5i0=

Your Information Required

  • ASN
  • DN42 IPv4
  • Link-Local(or DN42 IPv6 If IPv6 ULA Peer Require)
  • Endpoint
  • WireGuard Port
  • WireGuard public key
  • Social Contact
  • Latency between ours / Area the Server is

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